Ahead of today's Mercury 4/50 Jackpot draw...
Le172 Million plus Le100 million extra bonus at stake



By: Sahr Morris Jr. (Intern)

Sierra Leone's down-to-earth Sports Betting and Lottery Company, Mercury International has set aside a windfall of Le172 million plus an extra bonus of Le100 million for today's 4/50 Jackpot lottery draw as a must win for all its valued customers.

According to the company's Marketing Manager, Mr. Olubumi Kamara, the November 25th 2016 promotion which is designed exactly a month before the Chrisman holiday is to give the company’s customers an added opportunity to have an adequate fund ahead of the festive season.

He said: “For us this particular bonanza is a must win and we strongly believe people or an individual will win this one. This is a game of luck and ones dreams can only come into reality if you make an attempt, because, you never can tell what the future holds.”

This is not the first time Mercury International is splashing Le 100 million as bonanza for the 4/50 jackpot lottery draw. There have been previous promotions before, this one even though we did not get a winner in any of them, which the company’s Marketing Manager was not happy about.

“It is always disappointing not to see winners emerge whenever such promotion is been offered to our customers. We want people to make use of these opportunities and join the long list of Sierra Leoneans who have turned millionaires through Mercury International,” Mr. Kamara said.

Since its inception nine months back, the 4/50 Jackpot has produced over eight winners from all works of life and the Mercury International Marketing Manager believes there are more opportunities and promotions for December.

“We have two or more promotions coming up in December but the Managing Director, Mr. Martin Michael will make it official when the time comes,” Mr. Kamara added.
He also encouraged all customers to continue playing Mercury and to be part of the Mercury family.