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Football Fixtures

Mon & Tues  24th & 25th July 2017 9841 Long List

Mon & Tues 24th & 25th July 2017 9842 Half Time/Full Time

Mon & Tues 24th & 25th July 2017 9844 Crazy

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Our Products

590 Lotto

1 590 Lotto is played 3 times daily, Monday to Saturday, pick 5 ball from 1-90, or choose to play pick 2 options and you stand a chance of transforming your life instantly. the first 5balls to come out of the machine are the  Winning Numbers while the last 5 are the Machine Numbers.


450 Jackpot

2 This is like 590 but with fewer numbers to play with and minimum of Le45,000,000 to win, if there is no winner the winning price will keep rolling up until there is a winner or winners, if there is more than one winner the winning price will be shared equally. In 450 you only need to get 4 balls out of 50 right.

Football Betting

3 Football Betting is predicting football matches right, Points are awarded to different teams depending on the the strength of the team, The points are multiplied with the number of games selected.

Horse Racing

4 This is another lucrative game, it involves predicting the horse that will come first in a race