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4/50 jackpot winners grab Le85.3 million

Two winners of the 4/50 Jackpot Lottery game on Monday 10th October 2016, grabbed a whopping sum of Le85.3 million from the country’s undisputed leading Sports Betting and Lottery Company Mercury International at its 44 Bathurst Street branch in Freetown.

Both Saidu S. Sesay and AmaduConteh received a cheque of Le38, 435,200 each from the down-to-earth Managing Director Martin Michael after a 10% deduction in adherence to the company’s tax compliance to the National Revenue Authority (NRA) on behalf of the winners.

Presenting the cheques in the studios of the newly established Mercury radio FM 92.0, Martin Michael in an exhilarating mood, congratulated the lucky winners on behalf of the Board of Directors, Management, Staff and Retailers of the company.

The Managing Director expressed delight about the frequent winning of the Jackpot game and describing them (the winners) as the 7th winning after 92nd edition of the draw since its inception in March 2016.

Martin Michael however encouraged the winners to wisely utilize their moneys in a way of having a positive reflection on their wellbeingas Sierra Leoneans and the country as a whole.

"I am therefore encouraging all our valued customers and those who are yet to bet on the Jackpot game to try their luck and grab the opportunity of becoming the next millionaire for just Le2000", the Managing Director stated.

In his response, one of the lucky winners Saidu S. Sesay who seemed awed by the presence of the Managing Director to do the presentation, expressed his delight and appreciation over what he described as a transparent process of dealing with people who win the Jackpot.

"This winning has brought a complete change of situation from the hardship that rocked my entire family for the past years, to a better living condition in years to come", the 60 year old confessed.

The excited winner also said, even the money he used to play the Jackpot on Friday 7th October which brought about the moment of redemption, was given to him by his wife.
Winner Amadu Conteh on the other hand said, the winning was like a miracle to him as he never thought he was going to be a millionaire at a moment like this.

"In fact I thought winning the Jackpot was an impossible task", he stressed, stating that it is just a matter of perseverance in order for someone to become a lucky winner.

The 49 year old Amadu Conteh also called on other valued customers to continue playing the Mercury 4/50 Jackpot and all other Mercury products available on the market.


12th October 2016

The attention of Mercury International Company (SL) Limited has been drawn to the song Time Bomb by Mikey Mike. In respect of the said song we would like to state the following:

Mercury International Company (SL) Limited is a business entity and distances itself from any political affiliations. The company has never involved in and/or identified itself with any activity of a political variety and/or given its consent to be involved in same.

Neither Maxim Brandwain nor Mercury International Company (SL) Limited had or has had any connection with the said song and/or the artist.

Neither Maxim Brandwain nor Mercury International Company (SL) Limited had any involvement with the promoter(s), writer(s), producer(s) or anyone connected to the said song at any stage of its creation and subsequent release and circulation.

Mercury International Company (SL) Limited realizes and respects the independence of musicians and acknowledges their rights BUT the company does not appreciate its name being used in political songs or in any song without its written consent and permission and Mercury does not share or endorse the views expressed in the said song.


Samir K. Hassanyeh

Chairman, Board of Directors


Mercury Int. To Dish Out Le 100 Million Extra bonus to Jackpot amount

By: Sahr Morris Jr. (Intern)

Mercury International Marketing Manager, Mr. Olubumi Kamara

Marketing Manager of Sierra Leone’s leading Sports betting and Lottery Company, Mr. Olubumi Kamara has on Thursday 20th October,  revealed the reasons behind the company’s decision to dish out a whopping  one hundred million Leones (Le 100,000,000) as extra bonus to the 100th edition 4/50 Jackpot lottery draw amount.

With current Jackpot prize at Le 50, 900,000 the company’s Marketing Manager said decision to add an extra bonus is in line to celebrate the 100 edition of the draw  since the introduction of the Jackpot way back in March 2016. 

He said: "During the 50th edition, we decided to introduce quiz competition backed by extra cash prize of Le100,000 plus the jackpot promotional items. Because we did such promotion during the 50th edition we decided to introduce a more advance promotion with the approval of the Managing Director, Mr. Martin Michael."

 According to Mr. Kamara, the promotion will only last for just a single day-Wednesday October 26th which is the draw date to be held at the company’s Siaka Steven street office.

 "This is another stride for us as a betting company not just to encourage more people to be part of the Jackpot game, but to also give Sierra Leoneans the opportunity to increase their chances of changing their lives to become millionaires," Mr. Kamara said and also revealed that since its inception, the company has produced a total of eight millionaires dominated by grassroots people.

"At the start of the Jackpot game, things were slow because people did not know much about it goodies, but since then we’ve seen lot of people emerging as winners especially the grassroot Sierra Leoneans. We’ve seen driver, tobacco seller, footballer, printer have all won over 50 million Leones and this has helped to not only change their lives but also their family.

 "We are committed to improving the lives of Sierra Leoneans.  In achieving this, the company is on the verge to introduce more products that will give opportunities to everyone to become proud winners of any of our products," the Sports betting and Lottery Company Marketing Manager said.

Mr. Kamara further revealed that the company will also foot the NRA bill on the Le100 million extra bonus prize adding that if more than a winner emerged, the money will be shared amongst them.


Mercury International awarded best company of the year.  

By the Public Relations Department, Mercury International.

Sierra Leone’s unchallenged leading Sports Betting and Lottery Company, Mercury International, on Friday 21st October received the prestigious ‘Sierra Leone Business Awards’ for the year 2016 at the Buntimani Hotel in Freetown.

The award which was presented by the Sierra Leone Council of Chief Executives in collaboration with the African Council of Chief Executives and Africa Media Corporation is said to be in recognition of the company’s strong commitment, innovation, sound corporate service and business excellence as a corporate institution to its valued customers and the country at large.

Mercury International was nominated among other corporate institutions in the country that also competed for the prestigious award, but it was clear that the undisputed top sports betting and lottery company clinched the award by a unanimous decision.

Receiving the award on behalf of the company, chairman Board of Directors, Mercury International, Samir Hassanyeh, thanked the organizers for recognising his company as the best among numerous companies in the country’s business community.

He said: "As long as I continue to be the Board Chairman, the Mercury International Company SL. Ltd will continue to leave up to its expectation as Sports Betting and Lottery Business institution by delivering diligent service to not only its valued customers, but the country as a whole".

The dynamic Chairman overwhelmingly thanked the entire management, staff and retailers of the company for what he described as an active and committed service to the job and encouraged them to continue their good work in the interest of the customers.

"One secrete behind our success as a company is the employment of the twin principle of accountability and transparency as a guiding principle in dealing with both our internal and external publics", Mr. Hassanyeh maintained.

Mercury International Company (SL) Limited is the only private Sport betting and Lottery company in the country, and has been in existence for the past nine years. As the undisputed leading sports betting and Lottery Company, Mercury International seeks to support the passion of Sierra Leoneans for sports with wealth creation through betting by the introduction of its products and services.

Apart from the fact that the company is playing a pivotal role in the social and economic lives of the people of Sierra Leone by contributing to the country’s revenue by paying up its taxes to the government of Sierra Leone, it has also employed over 1,000 Sierra Leoneans, of which 95% are youths, thereby helping the government to salvage the youth unemployment problems.

The company continues to open branches in all regional capitals and engage in infrastructural developments in major towns and cities in the country thereby creating many more job opportunities.

Mercury International also upholds its Corporate Social Responsibilities as we act as major sponsors of grass-root football across the country. The company also gives out scholarships to all categories of student from primary to tertiary level, which is based on proficiency and excellence.

The company has been supporting government programmes especially health as individual Sierra Leoneans are supported to travel overseas for health care purposes.

The Sierra Leone Business Award is a design to recognize leaders that pioneer reforms, rapid modernization, consolidation, integration and expansion of Sierra Leonean enterprise and promoting socio-economic growth across the country and beyond.

The event celebrates exemplary leadership, business excellence, innovation, commitment to sound cooperate governance principles and best practice in cooperate Sierra Leone. It recognizes leading personalities and enterprises that drives Sierra Leone’s rapidly transforming economic, industrial and financial sectors.




Mercury Int. doles out U.S$ 10,000 to save 15 - year - old life 

By: Sahr Morris Jr. (Intern)

Mercury International Charitable Foundation chairman Samir Hassanyeh handing over the cheque to Mr. Garber

Sierra Leone’s leading Sports Betting and Lottery Company, Mercury International has last Friday provided the sum of U.S $ 10,000(Le73.5 million) as a lifesaving venture in helping a 15-year-old, Frederick Garber to undergo a kidney transplant operation in India.

In an emotional ceremony, the chairman of Mercury International Charitable Foundation Samir Hassanyeh before handing over the cheque said, the company’s philanthropic gesture is part of their cooperate social responsibility and such an undertaking is done to save the life of a teenager.

He said: " We were approached by Umaru Fofonah on behalf of the family, and as a charitable foundation we immediately came in to rescue the situation by providing the much needed support to help save the life of the young lad, as the money provided will cover their travelling to India, and all other cost embedded for the operation."

Chairman Hassanyeh also pointed out that the request of the Garber family through Umaru Fofanah falls within the priority areas of consideration for the request of the Mercury International Charitable Foundation.

"The father, Joseph Garber will be donating one of his livers for this operation and this is a sacrifice every father can do for a child," the Mercury International Charitable Foundation chairman said and assured the family of further financial assistance towards the boy's livelihood. 

BBC stringer who also doubles as volunteer for Sierra Leone Red Cross, Mr. Umaru Fofonah revealed that few months back the family started with a trust fund to save the life of Frederick Garber who is a senior secondary school pupil of the Albert Academy.

He said: "Someone directed them to me to make an appeal through social media and I assured them of engaging Mercury International Charitable Foundation, which I did and after submitting a proposal to the company, I feel proud to see the company responding 100% to what was requested for.

"I feel honoured for what Mercury did as this is a life-saving enterprise. I Hope the transplant will be successful and am grateful to mercury international for helping to save the kid from dying, and also the India consulate who has also been very helpful towards this," Fofonah said.

In an uncontrollable tear after receiving the cheque, Mr. Joseph Garber, father of Frederick, revealed his son had been suffering for the past 4 years with the sick adding that it has been a challenging and difficult time for his family.

He also expressed his delight for receiving such an unthinkable support from Mercury International and also thanked Umaru Fofonah for his support toward his family.

"I am very much grateful for such a timely intervention, as I was never expecting such from Mercury International. I hope the almighty God will keep my son for me because he has ordained this for us, I was never expecting this," Mr. Garber said.

Mercury International Chief Finance Officer, Mr. Ekundayo Rowe said the company’s support is not about helping humanity but saving lives with the help of the almighty God.

He said: "This is not a novelty for us because we have done and will continue to help Sierra Leoneans from all works of life with such gesture. However, we can only continue to do so if our valued customers and all out there continue to play and be part of our products we offer".



It is with heavy heart that the Harb Family announces the sudden home call of their dear husband and Dad, Pa Liya Harb who passed away in the early hours of the 24th day of October 2016 in Lebanon, aged 78. He is survived by his wife Najlaa Shallop, his children Joe of mercury International and Natalie Harb. Funeral Service will take place on Tuesday 25th October 2016 in Lebanon.Memorial service will be held for the deceased on the same day at 6pm at the St. George’s Catholic Parish, Murray Town Barracks in Freetown Sierra Leone. All sympathizers are encouraged to attend.

May his soul and all other departed souls rest in peace.

Put out by the Michael Family on behalf of the Harb family.


Mercury International SL (LTD) joins in commemorating Ebola-free day

By: Sahr Morris Jr. Intern

Board of Directors, Management, Staff and retailers of Mercury International Company Sierra Leone Ltd on Monday 7th November, joined the government and people of Sierra Leone to commemorate the first anniversary of the declaration of the end of the Ebola virus disease in the country by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The leading Sports Betting and Lottery Company demonstrated its corporate responsibility in compliance with the press release issued by the government of Sierra Leone in respect of commemorating the tragedy that rocked the country.

All staff of the company across the country carried a yellow ribbon on their chest and lined up in front of their respective offices to observe the three minutes silence that was declared in honour of all those who lost their lives during the deadly Ebola scourge.

The company’s radio; Radio Mercury FM 92.0 was also part of the simulcast broadcast of the speech by His Excellency the president Dr. Earnest Bai Koroma after observing the three minutes silence, followed by memorial songs for the rest of the day.

In a brief statement, the company’s deputy public relations officer, Mohamed Bah said November 7 is a day that is worth to always be observed because of the pains every Sierra Leonean went through during the period of Ebola in the country.

He said: “We as a company is proud to join the government and the rest of the Sierra Leonean to observe this day especially those of our compatriots who lost their Lives during the dreadful Ebola virus disease that struck the country.”

Marketing Manager, Olubumi Kamara said the day is a symbolic remembrance of the tragedy that befell the country. He said Mercury International as a company of the people, will continue to honor the frontline workers that sacrificed their lives and died in the course of fighting the deadly Ebola scourge.

WHO said a total of 28,616 confirmed, probable and suspected cases were reported in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, resulting in 11,310, deaths. Sierra Leone was hit hard with 14, 122 cases and 3,955 confirmed deaths according to the WHO.


......Abdul Aziz Koroma bags Le161 million

Deputy Chief Finance Officer Mercury Int, (Madam Lea Charm) doing the presentation
A petty trader, resident in the Eastern part of Freetown, Abdul Aziz Koroma, on Monday 20th November, 2016 received a whopping sum of Le161 million as winning from Mercury International Sports Betting and Lottery Company.
According to reports, 45 year old Abdul Aziz bet on grade 'A' football teams in the most popular leagues in the world which is the company's most popular product.
After staking his bet on the past weekend fixtures with Le2.5 million, he won four different tickets in total which surmounted to the said winning amount.
Receiving the money from the company's headquarter at Kroo town Road in Freetown, lucky winner Abdul Aziz Koroma, proudly stated that he is a local business man who deals in fuel and a regular customer of Mercury since its inception as a sports betting and lottery company in Sierra Leone.
Koroma furthered that he does his permutation together with his younger brother with high expectations of winning and that "we are happy for the introduction of Mercury Mega Mix product which is one of the secrets behind our determination to continue playing the game".

"Mercury is not new to me, I have being betting on Mercury's products with specific focus on football for a long period now, and my name is synonymous to winning with Mercury. This winning happened to be my fourth winning, my first winning amounted to Le 133 million, the second was Le 110 million, the third was Le 96 million and now Le 161 million been the highest." Koroma explained.
This according to Koroma has helped transformed his life and enabled him to live a better life with his family as he is now in a better position to pay his children's school fees; and has aided him to be a proud house owner. "This is enough reason and inspiration for me to continue betting on Mercury products" Koroma concluded."
In his response, Managing Director Mercury International, Martin Michael, expressed delight and congratulated Abdul Aziz on his winning, and admonished him to utilize the money wisely to the benefit of him, his family and the country at large.
Martin Michael said Koroma was extremely lucky to have bet against grade A teams and won. This according to him, proves how viable Mercury is as a Company and the continuous opportunity the Company is given Sierra Leoneans to become millionaires.
The Managing Director continued to encourage the public to be part of Mercury games but warned against children below the age of 18 years to be part of Mercury games.
"As a company, we have been modifying our products to give our costumers viable options to win and that has been evident by the continuous winning by our valued costumers." Martin boasted.
"As major contributors of the national breadbasket of Sierra Leone, we are always committed to adhering to our tax compliance by making sure that we pay 10% of every winning amount above Le 500,000 to the National Revenue Authority on behalf of our valued customers.


One Month to Christmas....Mercury Int. To Splash out Le 100 million 4/50 Jackpot Bonanza

The Managing Director of Sierra Leone's leading and undisputed Sports Betting and lottery Company, Mercury International, Martin Michael on Thursday 17th November, 2016 disclosed the Company's plans to splash out another Le100 million extra bonus to the 4/50 Jackpot amount.

The Le100 million bonus is set aside for the Friday 25th November, 2016 and it is the third extra bonus marking the 114th edition of the 4/50 Jackpot lottery game since its inception in March 2016.

Mr. Michael said the offer is to provide more opportunities for the company's valued customers to become millionaires ahead of the December month which is manned by lot of festivities and Christmas celebration in the country.

It could be recalled that the company had its first promotion on the 50th edition of the draw, during which they decided to organize quiz competition through a simulcast radio broadcast with a cash price of Le 100,000 plus other promotional items for any correct answer to a question.

The second promotion was the extra Le100,000,000 bonus which was added to mark the 100th edition of the Jackpot draw amount which took place on Wednesday 26th October, with a lot of consolation winnings. However, there was no winner for the jackpot.

"As a Company we wished to splash out this astonishing Le 100 million to mark exactly one month to Christmas. This is in line with the present economic trend in the Country which is why we have set aside such an exceptionally large amount so that the lucky winner(s) will have a well spent December," Mr. Michael said.

He further revealed that the promotion will last for a single day - Friday 25th November, 2016 which will be the draw date to be held at the Company's Siaka Steven Street office Freetown.

He said the company will settle the NRA tax deduction on the Le 100 million extra bonanza which implies that there would be no deduction on Le 100 million set aside to be won. He also noted that if there are winners, the Le 100 million extra bonanza will be shared amongst them.

"This is a show of the company's continued commitment to it valued customers in ensuring a fair and equal opportunity is been provided to make more millionaires, as it is not only a platform to ensure more adults be part of the game, but its a life changing opportunity of becoming a millionaire, the company is planning to do same in December if there is/are no winners on the 25th November, 2016," the Mercury International MD concluded.


Ahead of today's Mercury 4/50 Jackpot draw...
Le172 Million plus Le100 million extra bonus at stake

By: Sahr Morris Jr. (Intern)

Sierra Leone's down-to-earth Sports Betting and Lottery Company, Mercury International has set aside a windfall of Le172 million plus an extra bonus of Le100 million for today's 4/50 Jackpot lottery draw as a must win for all its valued customers.

According to the company's Marketing Manager, Mr. Olubumi Kamara, the November 25th 2016 promotion which is designed exactly a month before the Chrisman holiday is to give the company’s customers an added opportunity to have an adequate fund ahead of the festive season.

He said: “For us this particular bonanza is a must win and we strongly believe people or an individual will win this one. This is a game of luck and ones dreams can only come into reality if you make an attempt, because, you never can tell what the future holds.”

This is not the first time Mercury International is splashing Le 100 million as bonanza for the 4/50 jackpot lottery draw. There have been previous promotions before, this one even though we did not get a winner in any of them, which the company’s Marketing Manager was not happy about.

“It is always disappointing not to see winners emerge whenever such promotion is been offered to our customers. We want people to make use of these opportunities and join the long list of Sierra Leoneans who have turned millionaires through Mercury International,” Mr. Kamara said.

Since its inception nine months back, the 4/50 Jackpot has produced over eight winners from all works of life and the Mercury International Marketing Manager believes there are more opportunities and promotions for December.

“We have two or more promotions coming up in December but the Managing Director, Mr. Martin Michael will make it official when the time comes,” Mr. Kamara added.
He also encouraged all customers to continue playing Mercury and to be part of the Mercury family.



Mercury Int. Jackpot prize increases to over Le 230 million
By: Sahr Morris Jr. (Intern)

After a series of rollovers, the Mercury International 4/50 Jackpot lottery game has risen to an all-time highest amount of Two Hundred and Thirty-Million, Four Hundred Thousand Leones (Le 230,400,000).

According to the company's Public Relations Officer, Alhaji Komba, they can’t wait to see who the lucky will be, as every Sierra Leonean is in high expectation to be the lucky winner during this festive season.

He said: “Taking home the Le 230,400,000 will not only make the lucky winner the highest lottery winner ever in the history of Sierra Leone, but he will also be a life time millionaire.”

As the price at stake continues to increase, the Sports Betting and Lottery Company’s PRO urged all Sierra Leoneans, especially their valued customers, to increase their chances of winning, thereby changing their lives.

Since it was last won on Tuesday 18th October by one Abubakar Kamara at a prize of Fifty Seven Million One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Two Hundred Leones (Le 57,150,200), the draw has steadily increased to what has been described as the highest price ever in the country’s jackpot history.

The 4/50 Jackpot which was lunched on 3rd March 2016 at the Family Kingdom, Aberdeen in Freetown, have already created over six millionaires with Mrs. Betty Hooks, a middle aged woman, becoming the first female winner of the jackpot.

Mrs. Hooks still remains the highest winner of the jackpot after winning the Le 208 million prices. Other winners include a ‘tabaka’ seller named Ibrahim Sorie, who won the sum of one hundred and twenty-two million Leones (122,000,000) on 18th April.

In August also, one Martin Bangura from Lungi became the 4th winner of the Jackpot after winning one hundred and thirty three million Leones (Le 133,000,000).

Players of the 4/50 Jackpot must pick 4 numbers between 1-50 and the players must match 4 numbers on the draw to win the Jackpot. Players can also win sixteen thousand Leones (Le16, 000.00) for matching 2 numbers and three hundred and sixty thousand Leones (Le360, 000.00) for matching 3 numbers on the draw.

According to Komba, the 2 or 3 numbers are consolation and those who fall on those categories will receive their money immediately as the money giving to them does not come from the Jackpot price money but separately.

Mercury Int. bequeaths Le100M to fire victims

Chairman Mercury Charitable Foundation (Samir Hassanyeh) presenting the cheque to the Vice President.

Sierra Leone’s 2016 Business Award winning Company, Mercury International on Wednesday 7th December, 2016 extended their philanthropic gesture to victims of the recent fire disaster which took place on the 1st December at Fort Street in Freetown.

According to the company's Charitable Foundation Chairman Samir Hassanyeh, the donation of the One Hundred Million Leones (Le 100,000,000) is on a compassionate grounds as the victims are in need of an immediate support to help alleviate their present predicament.

Before the symbolic presentation at the Vice President's office, Hon. Ajibola Manley Spaine of constituency 106 said they are grateful to Mercury International for what he described as a timely gesture in offering a helping hand to the fire victims.

“I want to assure Mercury International that the money will not be wasted and would be accounted for,” the constituency 106 parliamentarian assured.

In his statement before handing over the cheque to the vice-president of the Republic of Sierra Leone, the Chairman Board of Directors who also doubles as Chairman Mercury International Charitable Foundation, Samir Hassaniyeh expressed sympathy on behalf of the company to the victims especially the children.

“We understand over 200 children were affected by the fire outbreak of which, we believe it is but fitting for us to come in and help in our own little way,” Mr. Hassaniyeh said as he continued to usher words of compassion to the victims.

Samir Hassanyeh said, his company is always there to give its own helping hand to the people of Sierra Leone in situations like this.

Receiving the cheque, the Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Victor Bockarie Foh, thanked Mercury International for their continued humanitarian gesture to the people of Sierra Leone; adding that the company has always stood by the government and the people.

He said: “Mercury International stood by us during the September 16th flooding last year. During Ebola, Mercury was there again, and now they are here to sympathise with the fire victim. Others should follow and emulate Mercury International, The Hon Vice President Concludes.

Meanwhile, the Deputy National Security Coordinator in the office of National Security (ONS) Mr. Ishmail Sheriff Tarashid Tarawali also extended his profound appreciation to Mercury International, describing them as an exemplary in adhering to cooperate social responsibilities.

"I want to assure you all that this money will surely reach its targeted beneficiaries and will be utilized for its intended purpose", Mr. Tarawali ended.

The youth Chairman Angola Town, where the fire broke out, Francis Madaa Sidique thanked Mercury International and appealed to the authorities concern to help them as soon as possible in getting their shelter back.

A total of over 140 houses were said to have been consumed by the December 1st fire incident that left over hundreds of people including women and children homeless.


Sports Minister hands over cheque to historic Jackpot winner
By: Sahr Morris Jr. (Intern)

Sierra Leone's Minister of Sports, Ahmed Khanou on Tuesday 13th December 2016, presented a cheque of Two Hundred and Twenty Million, One Hundred and Ninety-six Thousands Leones (Le 220,196,000) to the historic Mercury 4/50 Jackpot lottery winner Abdul Abu Kalokoh.
During the symbolic handing over ceremony of the cheque at 44 Bathurst Street in Freetown, the Sports Minister applauded Mercury International Sports Betting and Lottery Company for what he described as the company's relentless and unchallenged contribution to national development.
"Mercury International has played a significant role towards national development ranging from Sport, Education, Health, unforeseen circumstances and fully adhering to it cooperate social responsibility in other areas. This could be vividly seen in the role they've played to support and help volleyball become the most enviable sporting discipline in the country", Ahmed Khanou stated.

He further advised the lucky and historic millionaire to not only spend the money wisely but also used it to generate more funds that will contribute towards national development.

In his statement, the Managing Director of Mercury International, Martin E. Michael pleaded with Mr. Kalokoh to utilize the money wisely and that he should not succumb to the temptation of the festive season, as he further described the winning as a life changing opportunity.

He as well intimated the press that Mercury has made a winning payout of over Le 4 billion from the start of December on to date.

“I will advise you to please use this money for your future and family benefit," the MD said.

Chairman of Mercury International Charitable Foundation, Samir Hassanyeh also shared similar sentiment as the company's MD and expressed delight over the fact that the 4/50 Jackpot has made fourteen (14) Sierra Leonean millionaires since its inception in March this year; and urged the historic millionaire to generate more income from the money won.

The luck winner, Abdul Abu Kalokoh, a civil engineer and teacher at Government Technical Secondary School revealed that, he has been playing Mercury lottery and football betting for over three years saying he had a sleepless night after he noticed that he was the proud winner of such historic lottery amount.

With words of encouragement to other customers, the new millionaire, applauded Mercury International for the innovative idea of introducing the Jackpot game, and also called on them to continue to exercise patience as they play the Jackpot and all other products offered by the company.

Despite winning the 4/50 Jackpot, Kalokoh also won an extra Le15, 000,000 from consolation 3 numbers and football betting.

The 45-year old became the 14th winner of the Jackpot since the inception of the lottery game on 9th March 2016. Also, a 10% NRA tax of Le24, 465,800 was deducted from his winning.



Chairman Mercury International Charitable Foundation Samir Hassanyeh on Monday 19th December, 2016, made a donation of Le50 million to the Chief organizer of the Ernest Bai Koroma(EBK) trophy Hon Chernor Maju Bah at Africell Headquarters, Wilberforce Freetown.
Presenting the donation, Chairman Samir Hassanyeh cited that as a company, they are always willing to support EBK trophy, with and indication that it is part of the company's cooperate social responsibility to support such event that has the largest youth following in the Country.
The Board Chairman of Mercury International also thanked Hon Maju Bah for exhibiting such a
huge sense of leadership as the initiator of such annual sport event known as EBK trophy. He also expressed satisfaction on the way the finances of the tournament has been handled.
Acknowledging the donation, Hon Chernor Bah expressed delight and thanked Mercury for their tremendous and unflinching support in ensuring another successful EBK Trophy.
''Mercury and Africell have been our main sponsors since the inception of the EBK Trophy about six years ago amongst other sponsors that includes Vimetco and Sierra Leone Brewery Limited. We appreciate our sponsors for helping us cover all cost relating to the successful implementation of the EBK trophy". Hon Bah affirmed.
"We started the this tournament with teams just from within Bombali District, but we now have teams participating in the tournament from the entire northern Province", he boasted.
The Deputy Speaker of Parliament also said, as part of their expenses, they are currently preparing the flood light at the Wusum Stadium in Makeni with funding from our leading sponsors Mercury International ". Hon Bah Streesed.
Hon Bah also intimated press men about the additional activities to this year's tournament as they have started pre-arrangement to organize a party for over 300 targeted children from within Makeni City. This, according him, is the maiden and hope to continue it in subsequent years in tandem with the EBK trophy, and also extended thanks to the the Bombali District Football Association for proving structural and technical support.
Hon Bah further stated that since the inception of the EBK trophy, teams have never paid any registration fee to the organizers; adding that teams have instead been receiving seed monies from them. When asked if the winner of the tournament is going to bag in the same amount as last year, Hon Bah responded that "last year we gave Le 7.5 million to the winner but this year we've decided to increase it to Le 10 million".
In another development, the Organizers of the EBK trophy also gave out awards to their main sponsors in appreciation for their unflinching financial support to the yearly football showpiece. Mercury International received double awards for 2015 and 2016 seasons respectively.

Le 100 Million at stake...


Mercury Int. unique Christmas & New Year bonanza starts today
By: Sahr Morris Jr. (Intern)

With Le 100 Million at stake for today's Jackpot draw, Mercury International start-up a new innovative and unique Christmas and New Year bonanza for its customers of the 4/50 Jackpot Lottery game.

The latest lunch of Christmas and New Year bonanza will give Sierra Leoneans and the company's customers a golden opportunity to win Millions of Leones in a hidden treasure.

According to company's Deputy Public Relations Officer, Mohamed L. Bah, the Christmas and New Year bonanza is a two weeks long promotion in which customers of the 4/50 Jackpot game will stand a chance to win surprise gifts on specify dates.

He said: “As we are already in the in the festive season, the company decided to offer this innovative windfall in which customers will have the opportunity to not only scoop the Jackpot price of the day but an additional prize on offer.”

The Deputy Public Relations Officer further revealed that starting from December 21 2016, 4/50 Jackpot customers stand a chance to win more millions of Leones . The other days in which the bonanza is on offer include; 23rd December, December 26, 28th December, December 30 and the 2nd January 2017 which he said is the final date for the offer.

“What we decided to do is to make the prices hidden on these specific days and until a day before the draw is made so that customers will win not only the cash price available for the draw, but also the bonanza price of the particular date,” Bah said.

He also revealed that there will be no tax deduction of National Revenue Authority (NRA) on the extra bonanza for the day as the company will foot the tax bill.

This is not the first time Mercury International is offering an extra bonanza to the 4/50 Jackpot game as, in November this year, the company's Managing Director, Martin Michael splashed out the second Le100 million extra bonus to the 4/50 Jackpot amount in a promotion that was described as one month to Chrisman bonanza.


Carpenter & Seamstress scoop first 4/50 Jackpot Christmas and New year promotion.

As Sierra Leone’s leading Sport Betting and Lottery Company, Mercury International Ltd. continues to transform lives, a carpenter and seamstress team up to take home over Le130 million.

In a colorful and emotional presentation ceremony held at the company’s Bathurst Street office, a cheque of One Hundred and Thirty Million, Five Hundred and Two Leones (Le 130,500,200) was presented to Mrs. Koroma and her husband who became the first winner of the 4/50 Jackpot Christmas and new year promotions.

Before the official presentation of the cheque, the Managing Director of Mercury International, Martin Edmond Michael said it was a special ceremony because the partners became the first winners of the Christmas and new year promotions of the Jackpot game.

He said: “The presentation marks the third winning in five draws of the 4/50 Jackpot and we’ve paid a total of Four hundred and sixty million, three hundred thousand Leones to the Jackpot winners.

“Like I always said to previous winners, this is not a small amount of money won, please use it wisely and ensure you put it in something that will generate income.”

Presenting the cheque to the lucky couple, Mercury International Marketing Manager, Olubumi Kamara congratulated the partner and admonished them to not only spend the money wisely but to utilize it in such a way that Mercury International will be proud of transforming their lives.

In her emotional statement, Mrs. Koroma admitted that at first they were doubtful about the winning of the Jackpot lottery game, not until they received the cheque from the betting company.

She said: “We have been winning smaller amounts but this is the biggest win for us and we appreciate it so much because this has automatically change our lives. We will now serve as ambassadors of the company to other customers of mercury who are yet to win to tell them that indeed the game is real and that let them continue to play Mercury.” Mrs. Koroma affirmed.

According to the husband, the eventual winning numbers were produced by himself and his wife. He said the wife gave him 33-7 while he produced 48-15.

“Our first motive is to buy land and build our own house,” Mr. Koroma said

The lucky partner won the total sum of Forty Five Million Leones; but as promised by the Company in the ongoing Christmas and new year promotion, Mercury added One Hundred million Leones to the amount won. The couple ended up taking home a sum total of One hundred and thirty million five hundred thousand Leones.

As a tax compliance Company, its is part of our coprate social responsibility to the government of Sierra Leone to deduct 10% NRA withholding tax from any winning above Five hundred thousand Leones; and as such, Fourteen Million Nine Hundred and Ninety-Eight Thousand Leone was deducted from the total amount.
Mr. & Mrs. Koroma became the sixteenth winners of the Mercury International 4/50 Jackpot game which was introduced in March 2016.



Fourteen thousand two hundred costumers of Mercury International 5/90 lottery game on Wednesday 18th January 2017 registered the biggest winning in the history of lottery in Sierra Leone.
The whopping amount of Le 2.7 billion won from the Nongowa draw is said to be the highest payout ever to be made by any betting company in the country.
The 5/90 lottery draw stands out to be the most popular product from Mercury International which is played predominantly by market women and the aged.
It is expected that the fourteen thousand two hundred winning tickets could have an average winning of Le 200,000 each as the lucky winners turned out in most of Mercury payment centers across the country to collect their money hence their winning tickets are been validated.
The Managing Director of Mercury International Martin E. Michael described the winning as a great day for the company's valued customers, saying that, "this happens to be the highest winning on the 5/90 lotto product since it inception; and that as a company we are happy to have such winnings from their esteemed costumers. As a company, we'll ensure all our winning costumers receive their monies without any delay. In fact, we've started payments in all of our payment centers across the country". the MD affirmed.
The Managing Director also boasted that as a company, they have a strong reserve to enable them make payments to their winning costumers at any time there is a big winning." We will like to entreat the public that Mercury as a company is capable and also capacitated to do payout to future winners". the MD assured.
The marketing manager, Mercury International Olu Kamara said "I am extremely delighted that costumers could win such a huge amount", citing that this will motivate others to be part of Mercury games. Mr. Kamara also confirmed that he has deployed more staff to payment centers to help in ensuring costumers are paid without delay.
"We are encouraging those that are eighteen years and over, who are yet to be part of Mercury games to be part our games, because, with Mercury International they have life changing opportunity of becoming millionaires". Olu admonished.
Mariatu Kargbo, a fish seller, joyously state that she is thankful to Mercury International for given her the opportunity to win such a huge amount after playing just Le 2,000.
"I'm happy for Mercury International for providing the platform not only for me but for thousands of other women out there that rely on Mercury for life changing moments like this. When I realized I have won this afternoon when listening to Radio Mercury FM 92.0, my daughter asked me if indeed Mercury is going to pay me; now that I have collected my money, am going to tell not only my daughter but other people who are of the feeling that Mercury is not real". Mariatu Confessed.



The death is announced of

Mrs. Souad Michael

who died on Wednesday 1st March, 2017 in Cambridge, U.K.

aged 64 years. She is survived by her children Martin, Rodney

and Edwin Michael; her grandchildren Edward, Edmond, Rodney,

Martin, Jason, Jessica and Bryan and also her Daughters-in-Law

Basita, Jestina and Linda.

She is also survived by her brothers Karam and Salem and sister

Najeh, the Michael, Karim, Koussa, Shallop and Harb families at

home and abroad.

Other family members and friends include the Raad, Gazzawi,

Nawei, Musa,Dayek,Shallop, Solomon, Aboud, Saad,

Songo-Williams,Johnson, Hassaniyeh, Brandwain, Hamed,

Joseph/Karambash, Margai, Yilla, Fawaz, Skaiky,Shuman,

Abess, Shour, Talib, Shamel, Sabbagh, Yahya, Fofanah,Sutherland,

Edmondson, Wyse, Perry, Hanciles, Hansons,  families of Bo,

Freetown and Diaspora.

Sympathisers may call at the residence of

Martin Michael at Fudia Terrace, Spur Loop, Freetown

between the hours of 2pm and 7pm.

Funeral arrangements will be announced later.                       

May her soul rest in peace.


The Family of the late Mrs. Souad Michael, who died on
the 1st March 2017, wishes to announce that the funeral service
will be held on Saturday the 18th March 2017 at 11.30am
at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Cathedral,
St. Francis Xavier Parish, Commende, Bo City.
Internment at the CKC Cemetery immediately after the service.
There will be a vigil mass on Friday the 17th March 2017
at the same church at 8pm followed by a vigil at the
St Francis Primary School grounds.
The Family of the late Mrs. Souad Michael thank all those who
have expressed their sorrow and sympathy with them for the
loss of their mother, sister, grandmother and aunt.
May her soul rest in perfect peace



Over Le250 million at stake ..........As 4/50 Jackpot reaches its highest ever Amount.

Wednesday 19th April 4/50 jackpot lottery draw is set to be a record breaking amount with Le250,500,000 (Two hundred and fifty million five hundred thousand Leones) at stake for the lucky winner/winners.
The whooping amount is said to be the highest since the inception of the Jackpot product in March 2016 and Jackpot lottery in general in the country.
The attractive amount and previous winnings have generated a great anxiety and optimism amongst our valued customers who have directed huge concentration to winning the jackpot.
The product has made several millionaires and as well transformed many lives for the better. The second highest ever amount of Le244,300,000 was won on the 13th December, 2016 by Abdul Abu Kalokoh.
Speaking ahead of the draw, Managing Director Mercury International, Martin Michael has encouraged the Company's valued customers to continue trying their luck in playing its different products and specifically calling on its 4/50 jackpot customers to win such an attractive amount.
"This is a life changing amount and once again Mercury continues to set records and continues to give people the opportunity to change their lives" Mr. Martin affirmed.
When asked if this amount will serve as a financial threat to the running cost of the Company, the MD boastfully said no,.... "of course it is not a threat to the Company, we pay out billions of winnings without it being a threat so this amount of Le250,500,000 will be paid immediately it is won”, he stated.
"Mercury International is in a better financial position to pay out any winning(s) from its valued customers immediately without delay”. Martin Michael assured.
Marketing Manager, Olu Bumi Kamara, Mercury International said that this Jackpot amount has surpassed the record amount of Le244,300,00 won by Abdul Abu Kalokoh.
"This is a clear display that Mercury is here to give Sierra Leoneans the opportunity to transform their lives for the better and a show of how transparent our product are". Mr. Kamara Stated.
The Marketing Manager also admonished customers to continue to be part of the 4/50 Jackpot game to increase their chances of winning.
"The 4/50 Jackpot game comes up three times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:05pm on each draw day, so am appealing to our esteemed customers to continue trying their luck to clinch this life changing amount". Mr. Kamara admonished.

52 year old Sweeps away Highest ever Jackpot Amount.......

"I feel so good and thank God for providing such a life changing opportunity"...... says Michael Williams on Radio Mercury FM 92.0 while receiving a record breaking amount of Le314,700,000 (Three hundred and fourteen million Seven hundred thousand Leones) from the leading Sport Betting and Lottery Company, Mercury International on Monday 1st May, 2017.
Fifty two (52) years old unemployed Williams won the 181 edition of the 4/50 Jackpot lottery game. He ended up with a total sum of Le252,860,400 (Two hundred and fifty two million eight hundred and sixty thousand four hundred Leones) which happened to be the highest ever individual winning in the history of Sport Betting and lottery in Sierra Leone.
In the studio, Chief finance officer, Mercury International, Ekundayoh Rowe started by sensitizing the public on the new finance act which has seen an increase in tax generally in the Country. The new tax regulations has seen an increase in tax on Mercury International's normal 10% tax deduction from winnings above Le10 million to 20% and still maintains the 10% tax deduction on winnings of Le10 million and below.
"Despite the new tax regulation, we wish to inform the government and the public that Mercury International is a tax compliance Company and will continue to adhere to any regulation governing taxation in the country”, Mr. Rowe affirmed.
"This has further proved that Mercury International is a credible and efficient Company that has the capacity to pay its winners instant. I would like to reprove our valued and esteemed customers to continue trying their luck in making the next Mercury Millionaire", Mr. Rowe assured.
Presenting the cheque, Samir Hassanyeh, Chairman Board of Directors of Mercury International Company SL. Ltd who also doubles as Chairman of the company's Charitable Foundation, intimated the public that Mercury as a Company is very happy for setting the standard high. We will continue our commitment in giving Sierra Leoneans the opportunity to become millionaires thereby transforming their lives, their families and the Country at large.
"As a Company, we've been helping the Sick, less privileged, Disabled and providing educational scholarships to deserving students amongst other things as part of our Cooperate Social Responsibility", Mr. Hassanyeh stated.
Mr. Hassanyeh further shed some light on the history of the 4/50 Jackpot. He said, since the inception of the famous 4/50 jackpot in March last year, it has generated huge momentum among our respected customers and has made several millionaires.
"This winning happened to be the highest ever in the history of Sierra Leone Betting and Lottery in the Country, recalling that, the previous record breaking winning of the 4/50 jackpot was on Tuesday 13th December 2016 when Abdul Abu Kaloko received a cheque of Two Hundred and Twenty Million, One Hundred and Ninety-six Thousands Leones (Le 220,196,000) as a historic Mercury 4/50 Jackpot lottery winner. Today, his record has been broken while looking forward in making more historic millionaires", Mr. Hassanyeh Stated.
Mr. Hassanyeh further advised the winner to utilize the amount won judiciously as it is part of the company's responsibility to advise it winners to utilize their winnings in a way beneficial not only to themselves but their families and the country at large.
Receiving the cheque, Mr. Williams started by praising God for his grace, adding that he is short of words and can only give God the glory for choosing him amongst millions of other Mercury customers to win this record breaking amount.
"I have been playing Mercury International games for over two years now, I have been winning two numbers and three numbers, but this is my first time of winning the Jackpot, and I'm really overwhelmed", Mr. Williams Said.
When asked what will he do with the amount won, He said........... "No doubt this is a life changing opportunity, I'm in no rush to determine what to do with the money yet, there must be some plans that I cannot disclose now, the money is going to be deposited in my account and afterwards, I will ask God for direction", Mr. Williams responded.
"I knew I have won the Jackpot since Monday but deliberately did not surface due to security reasons. I was one person who had doubt about the reality of the Jackpot. I thought it was a make up thing, but now that am seated here today with a cheque of such a huge amount, am left with no option but to now serve as an ambassador for Mercury out there in promoting the real nature of the Jackpot and all other products of the company", Mr. Williams Confessed.



Sierra Leone Lebanese community has donated over 100 million Leones worth of food stuffs to 34 mosques in the western area of the country.The Lebanese community made the kind gesture on Tuesday 30th May 2017, at the Central Mosques in Freetown in the midst of the 34 mosques representatives.During his presentation, the Head of Lebanese Committee, Samir Hassanyeh said his committee took upon itself to make the said donation, based on the fact that the holy month of Ramadan is a unique moth that house huge blessing. He said Ramadan is a month to help the needy by giving more arms, share food, love and the Islamic passion. The Head of Lebanese committeefurthered revealed that their gesture contains a total of 170 bag of 50kg bags of rice, 34 full gallons of Oil, 170 dozen Mega Cola drinks, 34 big bags of sugar, milks and cartons of juice. Also a carton of Cocoa to all the 34 mosques was also shared.He said: “The Lebanese community have been in the country for over 100years and we hope to be in Sierra Leone forever. We will continue to contribute in whatever way we can in helping the Sierra Leonean because we are all brothers and sisters.”AlieCoolise, Chairman of the Committee expressed similar sentiment of the Lebanese Community chairman and promised of further supports towards the Muslims during the Ramadan.  In his thank you message, the chief Imam of the Masjid, Rasul A’azam Wilkinson Road, Sheik Cherinor Maju Bah expressed appreciation for such a gesture by the Lebanese Committee in which he described as a kind and worthy one.

“We are please to receive this huge support especially at this hard times in the country. We pray Allah will continue to bless you all,” he said.



A School Dropout Sweeps Mercury's 4/50 Jackpot........

In what has become a phenomenon from amongst Mercury's customers, the 190th edition of the increasingly followed product of Mercury (4/50 Jackpot) was won for the second time in a week on 31st May, 2017 by Musa K. Koroma, the amount won was Le52 million (Fifty two million Leones).
The 4/50 Jackpot Lottery game that was launched in March 2016 and has gained increasing popularity amongst Mercury's products and has now made eighteen(18) millionaires from within Mercury's esteemed customers.
This winning happened to be the first individual Jackpot winning outside the capital Freetown, the last time Mercury had a winner outside Freetown was when seven (7) customers won the Jackpot in November last year wherein one winner was from Segbwema town, Kailahun District.
The presentation was done for the first time outside Freetown at Mercury's Southern regional head office in Bo City on 2nd June, 2017. The presentation attracted high profile personalities in Bo such as the former Mayor of Bo City His Lordship Dr. Wusu Sannoh to name but few.
Chief finance officer, Mercury International, Ekundayor Rowe, called the program to order and continue with the introduction of the delegation from Freetown and welcoming invited guests. He further explained the new tax rule introduced by government for those present to understand how are tax been deducted from winnings which took effect on 1st May, 2017.
Mr. Rowe admonished those present that for every winning of Le10 million or below, Mercury will deduct and pay on behalf of the winner to NRA 10% of the winning and 20% on winnings above Le10 million.
Resenting the Cheque, Mr. Rowe started by congratulating the winner who is a permanent resident in Sierra Rutile -- Moriba Town. He said the amount won is a life changing amount hence he should ensure the appropriate use of the said amount to better not only himself but his family as well.
Mr. Rowe further explained that the Jackpot won was Le52 million (Fifty two million Leones), and the sum of Le9,299,600 (Nine million two hundred ninety nine thousand six hundred Leones) was deducted from the amount won to be paid to NRA. The winner ended up taking home a sum of Le42,700,000 (Fourty two million seven hundred thousand Leones.
Receiving the Cheque, Musa K. Koroma expressed great delight and started by thanking Mercury for giving him and many other Sierra Leoneans the opportunity to transform their lives overnight.
"I'm feeling as if am a president of my village right now, am extremely happy to have been chosen by God to win such an amount. I'm still thinking hadn't not been Mercury how would I have ever make such an amount ? He asked!
"I didn't believe when I went to where I played to cross check about my winning, after confirming it, I went straight into my room and started dancing knowing that am now a millionaire.
"I sat to my WASSCE three years ago and got requirement for university but unfortunately financial constrains could not allow me further to University. Over the years, I have been helping my elder brother as an apprentice on his vehicle who runs to the nearby villages". Musa explained.
"Now that God has blessed me with this money, am hoping to buy college form next academic year to enroll for a degree program and also buy land. I want also want to use this opportunity to talk to those with misconceptions about the reality and credibility of Mercury International, I am a living testimony and will serve as an ambassador within my locality to tell people that Mercury is real". Musa Concluded.



As mercury International Company Ltd continues to make millionaires and transforming the lives of ordinary Sierra Leoneans, a taxi driver on Friday 7th July, 2017 grasp the 209th edition of the Mercury International 4/50 Jackpot lottery draw with a whopping amount of Le153 million thereby adding to the list.
This is a common trend now for our respected costumers (especially the less privileged) to be winning the Jackpot. Since it inception, the 4/50 Jackpot has exceptionally transformed the lives of twenty two (22) Sierra Leoneans with life changing amounts.
Furthermore, the said Jackpot has been a constant source of income for a very good number of Sierra Leoneans through daily winnings of two (2) and three (3) numbers. The design of the Jackpot is unique in such that our valued costumers can win the consolation prizes of two or three numbers.
A costumer stand a chance of winning Le360,000 (Three hundred and Sixty thousand Leones) as a consolation when three (3) of his/her numbers played appear amongst the four(4) Jackpot winning numbers and Le16,000 ( Sixteen Thousand Leones) when two (2) out of the four Jackpot winning numbers appear.
As a tax compliance Company, It behooves the Company to pay on behalf of its winners 10% of winnings from Le10 million and below and 20% of winnings from Le10 million and above to the National Revenue Authority.
The winner, (Mr. David Sandy) ended up receiving a total sum of Le123,602,000 (One hundred and twenty three million six hundred and two thousand Leones only) after tax deduction. Mr. Sandy as a proud tax contributor, contributed the sun of Le29,398,000 (Twenty nine million three hundred and ninety eight thousand Leones) to the National Revenue Authority.
Mercury International has been viewed by many Sierra Leoneans as a source of hope in helping them materialize their dreams and inspirations in life. This has been visibly seen and witnessed in the Country with the increasing number of millionaires Mercury has made over the last five years and with huge potential of making more millionaires.
Presenting the cheque at Mercury's head office, Kroo Town Road Freetown, the Managing Director Mercury International, Mr. Martin E. Michael, cautioned the winner not to mismanage the amount won and reproved him to use it wisely as such an amount is a life changing amount.
He further used the occasion to inform our esteemed costumers that tickets below Le1 million from now henceforth can be cashed by our erudite retailers. According to him, this will help reduce the pains of transportation and standing in long queues to cash tickets at Mercury's payment centers.
"It is extremely difficult to make such an amount in a day especially when one is only required to bet Le2,000 (Two thousand Leones) per ticket, but with Mercury it is a possibility to win millions of Leones with just two thousand Leones". Mr. Harb Stated.
Receiving the cheque, David Sandy (Winner) who is currently a driver expressed his profound gratitude to God Almighty for winning such an amount. He said Mercury has proved to be reliable by always paying out winnings to their costumers.
"I started playing Mercury four (4) years ago and I have been a regular winner of two (2) and three (3) numbers. I also do play Mercury's 5/90 lottery draws. I was somehow skeptical when the product was first introduced , but after frequent winnings of two (2) and three (3) numbers respectively, I became optimistic that indeed the game is real and was hopeful of winning the Jackpot one day, and that day is today". Mr. Sandy affirmed.
" I was on the way to my village when I decided to stop along and play the Jackpot, after staking my bet I proceeded to the village with my ticket. When I returned on Sunday, I tried to enquire from a friend whom we played together. He gave me the winning numbers and I immediately went home to verify my numbers. Upon realizing that I have won, I shouted Bingo!! I have won the Jackpot." Mr. Sandy Explained.
When asked what is he going to do with the amount won, Mr. Sandy replied that he is going to build a house.



Description: C:\Users\Pipo\Desktop\IMG-20170815-WA0349.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Pipo\Desktop\IMG-20170815-WA0352.jpg

Leading Sports Betting and Lottery Company, Mercury International through it Charitable Foundation presented a cheque of four hundred million Leones (Le400,000,000) to the President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma at state house to support government's emergency response to affecters of the August 14th deadly flood and mudslide that left hundreds dead and million of properties lost.
The presentation is in response to the ferocious mudslide as a result of a torrential rain which lead to the huge lost of lives and properties and thousands homeless in the nation's capital Freetown.
Presenting the cheque, the Operations Manager, Mercury International, Mr. Joseph Harb who was in grief, told the President that, on behalf of the board of Directors, Management, Staff and Retailers, Mercury International wishes to express its deepest condolence to the victims of the flood and mudslide, their families and the people of Sierra Leone, in this national tragedy which has cost the nation so many precious lives.
"Our prayers and hearts are with the souls of the victims and we wish a speedy recovery to the injured in the various hospitals". Mr. Harb Concluded.
Receiving the cheque, President Ernest Bai Koroma applauded Mercury International for their quick and timely response to compliment government's effort to support the victims and assured that the money donated would be used for the intended purpose.
The President in turn handed the cheques to the Office of National Security Coordinator Ishmail Tarashid Tarawalie who is the head of the established government's emergency response committee.









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