One Month to Christmas....Mercury Int. To Splash out Le 100 million 4/50 Jackpot Bonanza

The Managing Director of Sierra Leone's leading and undisputed Sports Betting and lottery Company, Mercury International, Martin Michael on Thursday 17th November, 2016 disclosed the Company's plans to splash out another Le100 million extra bonus to the 4/50 Jackpot amount.

The Le100 million bonus is set aside for the Friday 25th November, 2016 and it is the third extra bonus marking the 114th edition of the 4/50 Jackpot lottery game since its inception in March 2016.

Mr. Michael said the offer is to provide more opportunities for the company's valued customers to become millionaires ahead of the December month which is manned by lot of festivities and Christmas celebration in the country.

It could be recalled that the company had its first promotion on the 50th edition of the draw, during which they decided to organize quiz competition through a simulcast radio broadcast with a cash price of Le 100,000 plus other promotional items for any correct answer to a question.

The second promotion was the extra Le100,000,000 bonus which was added to mark the 100th edition of the Jackpot draw amount which took place on Wednesday 26th October, with a lot of consolation winnings. However, there was no winner for the jackpot.

"As a Company we wished to splash out this astonishing Le 100 million to mark exactly one month to Christmas. This is in line with the present economic trend in the Country which is why we have set aside such an exceptionally large amount so that the lucky winner(s) will have a well spent December," Mr. Michael said.

He further revealed that the promotion will last for a single day - Friday 25th November, 2016 which will be the draw date to be held at the Company's Siaka Steven Street office Freetown.

He said the company will settle the NRA tax deduction on the Le 100 million extra bonanza which implies that there would be no deduction on Le 100 million set aside to be won. He also noted that if there are winners, the Le 100 million extra bonanza will be shared amongst them.

"This is a show of the company's continued commitment to it valued customers in ensuring a fair and equal opportunity is been provided to make more millionaires, as it is not only a platform to ensure more adults be part of the game, but its a life changing opportunity of becoming a millionaire, the company is planning to do same in December if there is/are no winners on the 25th November, 2016," the Mercury International MD concluded.