The lead Sports Betting and Lottery Company, Mercury International has increased the maximum number of teams it customers can bet on one single ticket known as ‘Rasta Betting’. Previously, a customer can select 12 teams maximum to bet on at once; but they now have the opportunity to select and bet on 15 teams maximum on one ticket.

The 15 teams’ maximum for Rasta Betting will commence effective from Wednesday 14th February, 2018. Our customers will now have the choice to select from 3 - 15 teams of their choice to bet on from our daily fixtures.

This new idea is in line with Mercury’s continuous commitment in giving it respected customers the opportunity to increase their chances of winning its products. The Rasta Betting is not common amongst Mercury customers based on the perception that is it very difficult to predict the outcome of 12 teams and win.

Shedding more light on the addition, the Managing Director, Martin Michael, said the addition is to increase the chances of our customers of winning our products and in particular the Rasta Betting.

“This is an effort to provide multiple options for our customers to win our products. Before now, our football customers can only select 12 teams maximum to bet on, but we have now increased it to 15 teams. It is also in response to recommendations from our customers to increase the Rasta Betting thereby increasing their chances of winning more money”. He said

“We have had few lucky customers whom have won Rasta Betting, as recent as Monday 12th February, 2018; we had a winner of Rasta Betting who won (Le73, 000, 000) having staked (Le10, 000) on 12 teams. This product is however not easy to win because largely it is difficult to predict the outcome of 12 teams; but if you lucky to win it will be a .life changing amount. That is the reason why we’ve decided to increase the teams from 12 to 15 par bet’’. He admonished.

In conclusion, Mr. Martin emphasized that all Mercury Games are restricted to persons whom have attained the 18 years and above, Mercury maintains zero tolerance on under age betting.