Public Relations Department, Mercury International.

The Milton Margi School of the Blind has on Thursday 26th April, 2018 received it annual support of Le30 million plus fifty (50) bags of rice from the leading Sport Betting and Lottery Company in Sierra Leone, Mercury International at its Wilkinson Road home in Freetown.

The donation is in fulfilment of Mercury’s continued commitment to provide financial and material support to charitable Schools across the Country. Mercury has been supporting over ten (10) charitable homes over the last seven (7) years with a minimum of Le20 million yearly to help them with food and cover administrative cost as part of its Cooperate Social Responsibility.

The support of Mercury has been very significant to these charitable homes; it helps them pay staff salaries, take care of the vulnerable children and providing educational materials for them.

Presenting the cheque, the Chairman, Mercury Charitable Foundation, Samir Hassanyeh started by saying that, the donation is in line with Mercury’s effort to help homes and Schools that are taking care of vulnerable persons, less privileged and the aged.

“Mercury International gives out a minimum amount of Le20 million every year to ten (10) registered charitable schools and homes across the Country as financial support to help them carry out their functions. We most times give them money and food stuff in addition being that the money is most times used for administrative costs.

“As the Chairman, I will ensure the continued and unwavering support to help protect the dignity and respect of these blind children; and help them achieve their full potential. Disability is not inability, they need us and we will always be there for them.  We are going to roll our financial support to other charitable schools and homes in the provinces because Freetown is not Sierra Leone”.

Receiving the Cheque, a member of the board, Milton Margai School of the blind, Kabba Kenuwa started  by appreciating Mercury International for it continued and unflinching financial and material support to the School. He said Mercury’s support has been consistent and very key in ensuring the sustainability of the Schools over the years.

“The only support we get is from government, but because of competing priorities and limited resources, government sometimes delays with their subventions. Had it not been the yearly support we get from Mercury International, it would have very difficult to cope with the major challenges we are grappling with as an Institution.