Mercury Customer Care Manager Assures Customers 


By: Public Relations Department, Mercury International.

Mercury International Customer Care and Lottery Manager, John Kamara has assured customers that they will continue to receive the very best in customer service especially those with damaged and misplaced tickets, already paid tickets and the lottery players.


To the valued lottery customers, John Kamara reaffirmed the company's commitment to providing daily credible, free and fair draws. 


 "As the lead Sports Betting and Lottery Company with a high level of credibility, we will continue to maintain the expected standards and always ensure that our lottery balls are displayed in front of observers for verification before the commencement of every draw," he emphasized.


Mr. Kamara also maintained that his department is always committed, and it's a priority for them on behalf of the company, to give customers equal opportunity to smile by winning huge money from their unchallenged daily draws.


Manager, John Kamara further allayed the fears of those customers who sometimes have issues like, damaged or missing coupon/tickets, already paid, as well as printing errors.  


 "The worries of those customers with damaging tickets are well taken care of now, as we always ensure those tickets are given full consideration and payment made. Faulty tickets and misplaced tickets are also addressed by tracing their serial numbers for payment to be effected," he stressed.


The Mercury International Customer Care/Lottery Management also boasted they are pleased with the operations so far this year; ranging from ratifying customer tickets to aiding customers with a better understanding of task deduction on winning tickets.