Lucky Massaquoi sweepstake Le 194,600,000M Mercury Int. Jackpot prize

By: Public Relations Department, Mercury International.

A 52-year-old worker in Freetown, Mr. Ibrahim Massaquoi has on Tuesday 2nd October 2018 sweepstake the 504th edition of Mercury International Sports Betting and Lottery 4/50 Jackpot lottery prize.

With just a meagre amount staked, Mr. Massaquoi walked away with the grand prize of One hundred and Ninety-Four Million, Six Hundred Thousand Leones (Le194, 600,000). 


In a colourful presentation at the Company's headquarters,Krootown Road, Freetown, the Managing Director, Mr. Martin E. Michaelwas quick to congratulate the lucky man for such a massive win adding that such a win is hard to come by.


He said Mr. Massaquoi'swining is a vivid example to those who are still in doubt that the jackpot winners are real. He said: "This is for those out there who are still nurturing doubts as to whether the jackpot winners are real, today's winner and prior winnings are living proof to allay any misconception about the jackpot."


"Mercury has always honoured its policy of paying its customers what due them and also fulfils its commitment to paying 100% tax compliance to the National Revenue Authority. We deduct 20% on winnings above Le10 million and 10% on winnings below Le10 million and pay on behalf of our well-respected customers. Slips and receipts of every payment are references to our claims". He further explained.

The Sports Betting and Lottery company Managing Director appealed to Mr. Massaquoi to invest his winning to the best of his ability.

He said: "Such a whopping sum does not only transform lives but also change customers status from poverty to wealth. As a company, we shall always make it a priority to provide our well-respected customer base with quality, effective and efficient services and a state of arts betting conditions."

Receiving the amount, the lucky Massaquoi said receiving such an amount is a dream-come-true adding that he has been playing lottery games for over two decades and always optimistic of winning a life-changing amount someday.

In a reply to the M.D's investment call, lucky Massaquoi said he will invest his exploit well with 30% of the total gains set aside to give an assistance to family members who are in need, a donation to his church while some amount will be given to his younger brother as capital to support his business.

The delighted winner revealed his lucky formation on his winning stating that: "I came up with my winning numbers by combining my wife, daughter and my birthday.

"I've been consistently playing these numbers on a daily basis, and finally my effort and persistence have paid off.  Mercury games and lottery of any kind are games of chance, so, I am urging all out there, to try the exciting products of Mercury, who knows?" he asked adding that you can be the next millionaire.