The lead Sports Betting and Lottery Company, Mercury International has made another millionaire through it Rasta Betting Product. Mohamed Koroma, a permanent resident in Makeni on Tuesday 20th February, 2018 won (L34,388,000) thirty four million three hundred and eighty eight thousand Leones after staking just Le2,000 on fifteen teams.

Mohamed happened to be the first winner of the Rasta Betting that was redesigned by Mercury, before now, customers can only bet on 12 teams maximum (football) but was increased to 15 teams early this month to create more chances for our customers to win our products.

As usual, it behoves on Mercury International as tax compliance Company by law to deduct 20% from winnings over Le10 million and 10% from winnings below L10 million, deducted Le5,777,000 from the winnings of Mohamed Koroma. Koroma ended up taking home a whopping sum of Le28,611,000.

Presenting the cash at Mercurys’ headquarters on Krootown Freetown, Account Assistant, Alpha Barrie, stated by reproving the winner to utilize the life changing amount with precision,  he said as a young man such an amount should be well taken care off to benefit himself and his family.

Receiving the cash, psychological Mohamed, who almost burst into tears, said he has been struggling for the last ten years to survive. “I have been a school drop out from 2008 and now have two children to feed and educate. He said has been finding it very difficult to take care of his family but with such an amount, he hope life will be meaningful for him and his family”.

When asked what will do with the money, he said he intends building a house in on their family land in Makeni. He expressed great satisfaction to Mercury International for being credible in ensuring that payments are done immediately after winning tickets are validated.