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Deputy Head talks on Goodies, Urges Customers to Embrace Product


By: Public Relations Department, Mercury International.

The deputy head of Mercury International Online Betting Product, Mr Octavos Jackson, explains the massive benefits of the online games and urged customers to grab the opportunity and offer associated with the online betting.


He said the Mercury International online betting is one of the many facilities that the company has introduced to increase the number of millionaires and to also empower young people within the five geographical areas in the country.


"The online game is simply an advancement of football betting. And, with the advancement of technology, the company believes betting through the internet (online) will ease the stress and constraints of our customers in playing the game, and also boost the conformability as well increased opportunity and chance for more winners to emerge," Mr Jackson said.


According to Mr Jackson, there are also many options that are attached to the online betting which customers can find and enjoy playing, adding that some of these options are not in the usually known physical betting (fixtures).


He said: "Customers are able to make their set (bet) even when matches are in progress. Also, with the online betting customers can enjoy instant Lotto, football, cricket, tennis and other virtual games like casino and slot machines all in-built in the online betting."


"Another advantage of the online is that it gives the customers the leeway to no longer queue at the red or black boxes as everyone can sit at home or place of comfort and bet with their smartphones with ease.


"Wining standard and quality is high with the online betting than the normal physical fixtures whereas winners will be able to win huge amount in and self-payment is assured to all customers," Mr Jackson said.


The deputy head of Mercury International Online Betting Product also noted that the company has tried and is still trying to expand the facilities countrywide with more sensitisation about the product and its goodies.


He concluded that customers can use their smartphones using Africell money on and can also deposit via the red box or Afri-money and can also get their payment by withdrawing through the account or visit the head office at Krootown road.